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This year I’m going to be at the beach as much as possible. I love the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and there are lots of great beaches with some privacy so you can have the most fun in the sun. My idea of fun in the sun includes some great sex. It’s always challenging to have sex with a girl while in the water. The strong surf can make it hard to keep your balance and you have to keep the strokes short to stay lubricated right. Trust me on this, slat water is not a good natural lubricant.

The cool thing about sex in the waves is that people might figure out what you are doing if they see you from shore, but they can’t be sure. So if you have a little voyeur tendencies, you fuck a girl in broad daylight, in public and get away with it. But don’t try this if there are any little kids around. Pissed off parents can make life very difficult for you.

Around here, Memorial Day means a weekend at the beach. Any beach. If you have to stay local, you go to the Lake or the River. But if you can possibly get away, the beach is the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve stayed at some of the best resorts up and down the East Coast and had hours of fun in the wave of the Atlantic. The girls are really pretty, although I will admit that the West Coast girls are more tan and there are more blondes in California.

I couldn’t get out of town this Memorial Day, so I hooked up with a friend who has a nice boat that he keeps in a marina on the Lake. He invited a handful of friends to come out on the Lake for the weekend, and I threw in some cash to help pay for fuel and beer.

3 February, 2013

Surely you’ve seen the movie, Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray? The main story line is that Murray’s character is trapped in some weird time warp that makes him repeat the same day, over and over again. I though that was a cool theme for some sex on Groundhog Day this year.

I called one of my regular girls, Adriana, to see if she wanted to hook up last night and she was all in. I told here I wanted to try a new little game in honor of Groundhog Day. She agreed.

What we agreed to do was spend up to one hour having great sex, then taking a break for about 10 minutes. Then, we had to try to recreate everything we had just down in the last hour, in the same order. I thought about filming it so we could prove that we did it the same way and in the same order, but she wouldn’t go for taking a video of her having sex. So we just relied on memory.

Last night was crazy fun at the New Year’s Eve party downtown. We always go early to find a good parking spot and get started with the booze. I don’t even care about the champagne – it’s all about the martini’s for me, and I know where to get the best ones in town.

We drink and partied our asses off the whole night. the fireworks at midnight were awesome, and when the ball dropped I grabbed the girl next to me and planted a huge, deep kiss on her. She had been standing beside me for at least a half hour and didn’t have a man anywhere in sight, so I figured early on that she was fair game for the first kiss of 2013.

19 December, 2012

The company I work for always throws a huge Christmas party and we had ours last Friday night. The party is so big we have to rent the main ballroom of the biggest hotel in town and we have a lot of live entertainment, including a stand up comedian and a live band. We aren’t even politically correct about it. We don’t call it a holiday party – it’s a Christmas party and we hire a guy to dress up like Santa and give out our “Dirty Santa” gifts during the party.

The company springs for an open bar the first four hours of the party, then after that you have to pay for your own. I think that’s pretty fair, because I can drink a lot of booze in 4 hours. Some of us drink and aren’t ashamed to admit it, but we don’t want to have a problem getting home, so we get a hotel room and spend the night there. I was going to share my room with another guy in the sales department, but at the last minute I changed my mind and got my own room.