Erotic text stories, categorized and described. Topics include slut wives, lesbian, fetishes, and more.

This year I’m going to be at the beach as much as possible. I love the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and there are lots of great beaches with some privacy so you can have the most fun in the sun. My idea of fun in the sun includes some great sex. It’s always challenging to have sex with a girl while in the water. The strong surf can make it hard to keep your balance and you have to keep the strokes short to stay lubricated right. Trust me on this, slat water is not a good natural lubricant.

One day, or night – whatever you like to go with – none of it matters because this is not a true story but rather a made up fantasy that I would one day like fulfilled. So, all you ladies out there play very close attention to this one.

I am walking out of the mall to my car and about half way to it in the parking lot I see this gorgeous blonde walking towards me. She’s wearing an office skirt and blouse, with very sexy looking long legs. As we walk towards each other, we both take gander, and I say to her, “Don’t you look amazing!”