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3 February, 2013

Surely you’ve seen the movie, Groundhog Day, starring Bill Murray? The main story line is that Murray’s character is trapped in some weird time warp that makes him repeat the same day, over and over again. I though that was a cool theme for some sex on Groundhog Day this year.

I called one of my regular girls, Adriana, to see if she wanted to hook up last night and she was all in. I told here I wanted to try a new little game in honor of Groundhog Day. She agreed.

What we agreed to do was spend up to one hour having great sex, then taking a break for about 10 minutes. Then, we had to try to recreate everything we had just down in the last hour, in the same order. I thought about filming it so we could prove that we did it the same way and in the same order, but she wouldn’t go for taking a video of her having sex. So we just relied on memory.

If we managed to pull it off a second time, we thought we might take a short break and try it again a third time. It turned out to be fun, although the first time was a little distracting because I was trying to remember everything instead of being completely spontaneous.

It was easy with Adriana, because she is adventurous and a smart girl. We had our own little Groundhog Day three times, and I’m pretty sure we matched each time really close to the same positions and sex acts each time. Next time you are looking for a little something new, give this game a try and let me know if you can pull it off.

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  1. Alex Says:

    I always loved the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray i have always been fascinated with this Holiday as a result of this movie.

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