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Around here, Memorial Day means a weekend at the beach. Any beach. If you have to stay local, you go to the Lake or the River. But if you can possibly get away, the beach is the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean.

I’ve stayed at some of the best resorts up and down the East Coast and had hours of fun in the wave of the Atlantic. The girls are really pretty, although I will admit that the West Coast girls are more tan and there are more blondes in California.

I couldn’t get out of town this Memorial Day, so I hooked up with a friend who has a nice boat that he keeps in a marina on the Lake. He invited a handful of friends to come out on the Lake for the weekend, and I threw in some cash to help pay for fuel and beer.

Dean is a pretty cool guy, but he’s not as open about sex as I expected. I though we might have some action in the late afternoon and get that boat rocking, but he didn’t want to give up his privacy with his girl. So we went back to the marina around 8:00 pm and Dean went back to his girl’s house for the night.

I stayed on board for a little while, sitting in the captain’s chair and chilling with a cold beer. One of the girls who had been out on the Lake with us all day came back after about 20 minutes, claiming that she had forgotten her cell phone on board. Well, we both went below to search for the cell phone and found it behind some of the cushions. It was such a small space, that we were close up to each other, bumping hips and shoulders. I reached over and gave her arm a little tug and she complied quite willingly. Falling on top of me below deck, we had a little quickie and the place got pretty steamy.

Sometimes figuring out how to fuck in tight or confined spaces adds a little fun to the sex. You can’t stand upright in the boat, and the sides of the boar curve inward, so headroom can be a real issue. The answer to that is to lie down and let the girl get on her knees, whether she’s blowing you or you’re fucking her doggie style. If either of you are going to be down on your knees very long, drag a boat cushion down on the floor to make it more comfortable.

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