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This year I’m going to be at the beach as much as possible. I love the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, and there are lots of great beaches with some privacy so you can have the most fun in the sun. My idea of fun in the sun includes some great sex. It’s always challenging to have sex with a girl while in the water. The strong surf can make it hard to keep your balance and you have to keep the strokes short to stay lubricated right. Trust me on this, slat water is not a good natural lubricant.

The cool thing about sex in the waves is that people might figure out what you are doing if they see you from shore, but they can’t be sure. So if you have a little voyeur tendencies, you fuck a girl in broad daylight, in public and get away with it. But don’t try this if there are any little kids around. Pissed off parents can make life very difficult for you.

Another fun thing at the beach is getting a big beach umbrella tilted in the sand to give you a little privacy and then have a girl give you a blow job while you are laid back on the beach towels, enjoying the sun and surf. Just have to be careful about getting any sand in your pants, because that can ruin a good blow job. Sand friction is not good, my friend. But if your girl is good at spitting out a couple grains of sand and has a hot bod in a great bikini, sex on the beach is the best way to make vacation memories.

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